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Node Setup Guide

Step by Step guide to set up up nodes to participate in Devnet

Custom Signet Explorer:

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for setting up nodes to participate in the Surge Devnet. It covers the setup of a custom Bitcoin Signet node and a Surge node.

Note: This guide is actively under development and may change

Step 1: Install Docker

Install Docker from here

Step 2: Setup Bitcoin Signet Node

Clone the Bitcoin Signet repository and navigate to the folder:

git clone && cd bitcoin_signet

Step 3: Build & run the Signet container using Docker compose file:

docker compose up -d

Step 4: Verify Node

Verify if the node is running by checking the peer info:

Access the container:

docker exec -it bitcoin-signet-bitcoind bash

Inside the container, check peer info:

bitcoin-cli getpeerinfo

Once verified, you can exit the container by typing exit

Step 5: Setup Surge Node

Coming Soon...