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Bitcoin Scaling Trilemma

The main goal of Bitcoin L2 blockchains is to supercharge Bitcoin transactions (reduce transaction latency) without sacrificing decentralization or security.

The RaaS Architecture aims to navigate the Bitcoin Scaling Trilemma, which posits that achieving scalability, decentralization, and security simultaneously is a complex challenge. By leveraging L2 solutions, the architecture advances Bitcoin's scalability without undermining its foundational attributes:

scaling trilemma
  • Scalability: Through L2 solutions like Rollups and sidechains, transaction throughput is significantly increased, and latency is reduced, accommodating a higher volume of transactions.

  • Decentralization: Maintaining a decentralized network is paramount. L2 solutions are designed to operate without central points of control, aligning with Bitcoin's ethos.

  • Security: The final settlement on the Bitcoin blockchain ensures that despite the off-chain operations for scalability, the integrity and security of transactions are not compromised.