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Enhancing Rollup Functionality


Utilities within the Surge ecosystem are vital for enhancing the functionality, efficiency, and flexibility of Bitcoin Rollups. They provide the necessary tools and capabilities essential for robust operation and seamless integration of various applications.

Core Utilities

  1. Native Stable Coins

    Integration with Union Protocol and Nobel, Plans are in place to introduce Native Stable Coins to Bitcoin Rollups from other ecosystems. This integration addresses the fragmentation of the protocol total value locked (TVL) and inherent liquidity challenges, thereby increasing interoperability between layer-2 ecosystems.

  2. Oracles

    Oracles serve as data feeds that bring external information, such as market prices or environmental data, into the Rollups. This enables smart contracts to execute actions based on real-world events, greatly expanding the adaptability and applicability of decentralized applications (dApps).

  3. Indexers

    Indexers organize and make blockchain data easily accessible.

  4. Bridges for Runes and Ordinals

    This allows secure transfers and synchronization of assets like Runes and Ordinals between Bitcoin and rollups.

Future Enhancements

IBC Compatibility and Support: Surge plans to integrate Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocols to enhance cross-chain interactions and functionalities.

Expansion of Services: The ongoing development of new tools and services will meet the evolving needs of the blockchain community and support emerging dApps and blockchain interactions.