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⏫ Superstack

A gateway to scale Rollups on Bitcoin


The Surge Superstack serves as an intermediate layer above the Bitcoin Settlement Layer. It acts as a foundational gateway that scales Rollups by processing Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZK proofs) from execution layers and managing data via the Data Availability (DA) layer and Merkle state hashes inscribed onto Bitcoin.

Decentralized Network Foundation

  • Architecture: PoS-based decentralization ensures network security and efficiency.

  • Validator Program: Our Superstack validator program is designed to expand our network. It allows participants to set up nodes and contribute to the network's robustness, enhancing decentralized validation processes.

Core Functions of Superstack

  • ZKP Verification Layer: Validates the correctness of transaction proofs without revealing any underlying data, enhancing privacy and security. Acts as a crucial layer for trustless and verifiable rollup interactions within Bitcoin.

  • MPC TSS Secure Bridge: Provides a secure, trust-minimized bridge 2-way peg between Bitcoin and rollups. Utilizes Threshold Signature Schemes (TSS) to manage and secure the pegs.

  • Utilities for Rollups: Includes essential tools such as oracles, indexers, and bridges for runes and ordinals.

superstack core functions